The Comato company manufactures transport trailers of excellent quality used mainly in internal transport. We design and manufacture trailers according to customer needs, each and every time taking into account what customer wants.

Trailers manufactured by our company are used in industry as means of transport or used in technological lines.

The load capacity, length and width of the trailer is each time adjusted to the client's requirements.

For every order We can use different types of wheels and tires.

Our company was created from the need to supply industrial plants with the means of transport of highest quality. Our experience provides us with the knowledge and technology needed to give our  customers the product of unprecedented quality.

We believe that communication and listening to the client's needs are just as important as attention to the smallest detail.




ul. Glogowska 82/22

60-741 Poznań

NIP 7792498886

+48 604 629 729
+48 602 393 935


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